Fun Craft Weekend!

I had a wonderful craft weekend with my girlies and Noah!! Fil was away in Colorado on a climbing trip so we took the weekend off to work on craft projects, watch movies, eat yummy food and just spend time together. It was very refreshing and much needed. I can’t believe how much I got done to and on top of all the cute things that we made I also delivered a puppy. My little Shih-tzu Daphne had one puppy. I have never had one puppy before, we usually have atleast 3 or 4 so this was very strange but both mom and baby puppy seem to be doing well and we still had lots of time to craft after the puppy came!


I will be posting more pictures and DIYS for some of the projects we did because so many of them were so fun but for now here is just a little peek at the weekend. I also started reorganizing my office so hopefully that will get done soon and I can show you some pics of it as well.


Noah is so in love with his new baby puppy! He just wants to pet it and hold it all the time, he is so loving and sweet with it!

I tried dying some rice fun colors for Noah, it was so fun and easy and he loves playing with it, I will post a DIY for this soon because you need to try it with your little ones!

These are pom pom wands on sticks, they are for a photography session, so fun!

We stamped these little canvas bags and then colored them in, I just love them and can’t wait to fill them with all sorts of sweet treats for our UI cuties!

These are cute little glassine bags filled with Leopolds Chocolates, I sewed the doilies and fabric flags on, it was so fun!

Noah loved glittering clothes pins with Seneca!

There was lots of spray painting going on here!

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