Etsy Love: Bunny Addiction

This is so bad, I had this nice friendly helpful thought that maybe I should go on Etsy and pick out some of my favorite bunny things to share with you all here to get you in a fun Eastery mood. And then you will never guess what happened I found a ton of adorable bunny things that I want for my house and my Libby! This is what I get for trying to be nice I guess. I think she is definitely going to need that adorable bunny coat. How stinkin cute is that! I can just see her wearing it with a little bunny mask on, it would be so sweet! Anyway I hope you all have as much fun as me peeking at all of this bunny cuteness and for added fun just type bunny into Etsy’s search engine, it will keep you busy for quite sometime, trust me I know all to well!!


Image Sources and to get these goodies:

Bunny Rings, Carrot Pouch, Bunny Coat, Bunny Treat Bags, Plush Bunny Pattern, Bunny Book, Easter Cookies, Artist Bunny, Bunny Garland Pattern, Ginger Melon Bunny Pattern, Bunny Wall Decal

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