Elbow Tree

I just had to share these pictures I  snapped of Noah the other day on this elbow tree. Growing up I always loved to go for rides around my parents farm with my father. We would always stop at a few of my favorite trees for me to climb up and sit in them. I remember two of my favorites had a pretty good bend in them and looked like a bent arm so of course I called them my elbow trees! I was so excited when Noah and I were out with my dad the other day and came across this tree that also resembles an elbow. I had not thought about an elbow tree in years but it is amazing how in an instant a million memories of my childhood came rushing back to me with one simple glance at a tree. Isn’t it amazing how certain things bring back memories and even the little things that you never would have thought meant so much to you, yet somehow they do. I was so glad that I happened to have my camera with me, my dad helped Noah climb up in the tree and I just snapped a few cute pictures of him. I am so happy that Noah gets to explore the same woods with the same great man that I did.


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