Easter Joy!

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter! We had a sweet day with our family, we started out hunting for Noah’s Easter basket. This was the first year we hid his basket, he was so cute hunting for it and found it very quickly hiding in his tent. I guess he is better at finding than I thought. Hiding of the basket and gifts was such a fun childhood memory I am so glad to have started it with Noah!

We then headed to church for a beautiful service to celebrate our Risen Christ! We got to see lots of our wonderful friends and sing joyful songs! It was a wonderful start to the day!

After that we all got together at my Grandfathers for a big family dinner, dessert and egg hunt. Noah loved the egg hunt and all the treats and all the adults loved the Coconut Cake! This was the first time I made my grandmothers B’s famous coconut cake. She always made her coconut cake on Easter and we always looked forward to eating all of the yumminess. This was our second Easter without Grandma B and although we all miss her so much I was very happy to be able to share this special cake with our family like she always did!

I also had lots of fun preparing for Easter by making special Easter treat boxes filled with homemade candy for everyone. I will post more pictures and recipes for all of these yummies but just thought I would share these sweet treats in their boxes. My Grandma M used to love to make homemade candy and I always loved making it with her. It is always hard during the holidays as I miss both of my grandmothers so much but I  love carrying on their special traditions and know that they would love to see our family enjoying everything and each other! I feel so blessed for the times I got to spend with them and the memories I have!

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