Easter Basket Round-Up

Easter is just around the corner!! Help a bunny out and grab The Sweet Fluff book for all of your Easter Baskets!

I was chatting with a girlfriend the other day and she mentioned how cute she thought our new book, The Sweet Fluff would be in an Easter basket, so of course, I had to try it out myself, and guess what?! She was right!!

The Sweet Fluff is perfect inside almost any Easter basket and looks cuter than cute! So if you’re shopping for your kids, grandkids, nieces, and nephews or just looking for the perfect hostess or just because gift click here to order our book now. Maybe even grab a few copies to have on hand in case you need a last-minute gift of encouragement for someone! We reached out to some of our sweet friends and asked them if they would share how they would style our book in their baskets and they sent over all these cute ideas for us to share with all of you! Get your copy now!! I hope you are all enjoying the first taste of Spring, we certainly are so thankful to see the sunshine!

Basket by Lindsey Bonnice @thesweetfluff

Basket by Melissa Jaimes @wispyfeatherfarm
Basket by Julia’s Darling Rabbitry @darling_rabbits
Basket by Jessica @jessicagrant14
Basket by Stacy Mae & Co @stacymaeandco

Basket by Christy Beck @the.becktriplets
Basket by Down Home Farms & Soap Co @downhomesoapco

Basket by Dani @thegrowgurltx
Basket by Luisa @peachestopearls
Basket by Penny @happydaysfarm
Basketby@spoiledrottenranchBasket by Lindsey Bonnice @livesweet


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