DIY Photo Wall

Claire in front of our DIY Photo Wall

I love capturing special moments with my family and remembering our sweet beginnings. Over the years, I have learned that you can’t have too many photos. They have a way of pulling you in and letting you relive those moments. Phil and I want our children to know our history and photos are a great way to share that history. They get to look back at all the times we’ve shared together.

Every month I take around a thousand photos; I have been trying to find a place to display my favorite ones. We currently have a photo wall but there just isn’t enough space for all the new photos we have. Luckily after some brainstorming and talking it over with Phil we decided that the stair walls leading up to my office would be the perfect place to create a DIY Photo Wall.

The last time I was able to add to our old photo wall was when Finn and Claire were born. Life has been quite busy since then so I just haven’t found the time to add anything. That is until I caught my precious Finn hanging out on the stairs looking at the photos. I asked him what he was doing and he points at two photos and says, “that me?” and “that Claire?”. He was pointing at photos of Noah and Libby when they were younger.

Noah and Finn look really similar when they were babies. It totally made sense how he could mistake Noah’s baby photos for his. Unfortunately, I hadn’t put any photos of Finn and Claire on the wall. This interaction with him was just the right amount of motivation to get me started. 

I order my prints for our wall from one of my favorite companies, my go-to place, Social Print Studio. I found Social Print Studio years ago when they first launched and I just love the quality and integrity of their product. They print squared photos with little white borders and offer a laminate cover that protects them from damage.  The prints are absolutely perfect for our wall. I love that they are protected from little gooey hands. Right now, as a special bonus, they are offering a 15% off code for our followers! Enter the code livesweet at checkout to receive 15% off your purchase.

I just ordered a batch of new prints and will be ordering another in a few weeks to complete both sides of the stairwell. My family and I love how this is turning out. The wall inspired us to decorate our other stairwell leading down to our basement. Soon we will have thousands of pictures on display through our stairwells! I can’t express enough how excited I am to complete this project. 

A few good-to-know tricks when starting a DIY photo wall is to have the right mounting products. I have struggled to find the right products that hang our photos firmly on the wall. Scotch 3m Indoor Hangers were the perfect aid for hanging our photos. The hangers are mounting squares and I cut one sheet of them into fourths and pasted the squares on the edge of each photo. The squares hold photos down securely on the wall so that they don’t lose there grip or get pulled up by curious kids. I have found this way works best to ensure a long-lasting photo wall.

My family and I have enjoyed putting this wall together and I know my kids will love it for years to come. I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to share this fun project with you guys and share Social Print Studios generous discount.

I hope this inspires you to begin printing your own special memories and create your own DIY photo wall right in your homes.  When life gets busy we forget to print our precious memories. Seldom do we print our pictures and it results in viewing them on our phones, which is wonderful and so convenient. However, I believe printing photos and have a memory that we can see in our homes is so important and is definitely one of my inspirations for creating this space where my children have the opportunity to see, touch and feel our memories right in front of them. Social Print Studio coupon code is active until February 7th! Let’s get printing friends.

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  • cessWhat size prints did you get? Great idea!