Introducing our newest Plushies: Cutieloos!

cutieloos plushies

We are finally launching the plushie I have been dreaming of launching for the last five years!! I have designed quite a few sweet plushies over the years but this one is by far my favorite and just what I’ve always dreamed of designing. Something soft and fluffy and cuddly, perfect for newborns to plushie loving adults!

Claire and the cutieloos

Coming up with a name for these babies was almost as hard as naming one of my own children! I spent hours on the phone with besties going over possible ideas, searching the internet for ideas and wracking my brain trying to come up with the perfect name!

It was important that we used our own word, something sweet and whimsical, that I would love hearing little ones say over and over again! I love the word cutie and I often call Libby, Libby Loo and growing up people called me Lindsey Loo and I just love the sweetness of the combination so the name Cutieloos was born!!

The cutieloos launch tonight at 8:00pm est in our Lounge facebook group, and at 8:30pm est in the Live Sweet Loves facebook group!! I hope to see you all there and cant wait to get these Cutieloos into your little ones arms!!

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Introducing cutieloos
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