Creating My Adoption Registry with Pampers

This post has been sponsored by Pampers. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Well now that we have completed our home study we are in full on nesting mode as we wait for baby number four!! I wanted to shed some light on creating a registry for your baby to be – even when you’re adopting!  It is very similar to registering for a biological child, but there are a few things that I feel are extra important to include and a few things that are necessary for bottle feeding baby.

Registering should be fun so take this time to get excited about being a mama and enjoy every minute of it! Embrace this time of learning and searching for the perfect pieces for you and your baby. I love finding things that are just my style and that I know our baby will look so cute in! Make your registry your own and really have fun with it. So many of the items I’m suggesting have to be chosen on personal preference so look around and take some time to see what colors and styles you love most. 

Since you’ll be bottle feeding your baby, finding your favorite bottles is so important. We also had a formula machine that heated up the water and mixed in the formula for us, which was a life saver, especially for those middle of the night feedings, so I highly recommend them!

We love our newborn Swaddlers by Pampers for those first few weeks becasue they keep baby protected against leaks and are sensitive on new baby skin! The sensitive wipes are another must have and you may as well register for many packs of wipes as well as all sizes of Swaddlers diapers because you will be needing them more than anything else over the next few years! I’ve seen people give each attendee a specific size on their shower invitation that way you don’t end up with too many of one size and not enough of another.

Something else that I feel is so important for bonding when adopting a baby is baby wearing. Of course baby wearing is always a great option but I feel this one is extra important when you adopt. We haven’t had that precious baby inside of us for 9 months so we need some extra special bonding time. My husband and I wore our adopted babies nonstop over the first few months because it helps build that strong bond so much quicker for both you and baby. You get to know each other’s touch, scent heartbeat and more, and it’s so calming for you both. I purchased several wrap style and front pack carriers so that I could switch it up and try different positions and some are better for one situation or another. Be sure to register for several different ones and become acquainted with them before baby arrives so you feel comfortable baby wearing from day one, you will both love it so much!

Here’s a little check list of some must haves to start looking for!

Pampers Swaddlers newborn diapers

Pampers sensitive wipes

Favorite bottles

Cute and Stylish Diaper Bag



Car Seat with infant insert


Favorite Swaddle wrap

Baby blankets

A front pack carrier

A wrap carrier

Baby monitor

At least a handful of newborn outfits for those first weeks home!

Newborn hats to keep that baby warm

This of course is not everything you will need but I hope it’s a good start to get you excited and help you start that baby registry. The adoption process is such a crazy, exciting and emotional time and I know at times your baby can feel so far away but your time will come and with it the perfect baby that is meant just for your family. Try and enjoy this time of excitement and congratulations!!

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