Cozy Living Room Makeover

I am so excited to share with you all our living room refresh! Since moving in I can’t even tell you how many times we have rearranged the living room. This living room space has been really tricky for me to figure out, it’s a large open room with windows that face out to the lake and it is also connected to the kitchen. I always try to make it so you are able to have a conversation from the living room to the kitchen. There is also a beam in the center of the room that supports the loft and this causes me problems sometimes.

We have tried before to close it off and to make it feel like a smaller, cozier room. We have added furniture to make it feel whole but it ended up being cluttered. This is the first time that we have had this open concept. The sofa is up against the wall, the swing is still where it usually is and the rest is just open. I still wanted this space to feel cozy so I added a rug from Mohawk rugs and it definitely made it cozy! We then added pillows and blankets, decorated around the beam with some plants and the kids dollhouse, and it all just really came together! I just love being able to be in this room and have someone else in say the kitchen or outside on the porch and still feel connected with them.

This room is right off of our porch, which we shared about the new makeover we gave it on the blog as well! We have some magnetic screen doors on between this room and the porch so it’s like an addition onto the living room and I love it! I had so much fun adding whimsical touches to this room like our feathered lamp, our sweet little dollhouses, and a book cradle. This room is more of an adult room, so no toys, but I did want the kids to be able to have some of there special toys in it like the books and dollhouse. This way it is still a fun space for the kids, but easy to pick up!

I hope that you guys love this space! This is one of my favorite ways that we have decorated the living room. It just feels perfect for summer, new, and fresh. I’m hoping to continue to enjoy it this way and to be able to keep it clean and less cluttered!

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