Cookie Tasting

You all know what a huge sweet tooth I have so the new trend of shipping cookies and other treats right to your front door step kind makes me all giddy! I recently had the opportunity to test Suss Cookies and I’m addicted! They are so soft and delicious and they make some of my favorite kinds of cookies!

Miss Libby was our official taste tester and gladly tried out each flavor for me! Everytime she tasted one that one was her favorite! I loved the chocolate chip and the coconut, caramel and chocolate ones best but they were all so wonderful and I wouldn’t turn any down! If you’re ever looking for a special treat for yourself or a gift for your sweet tooth bestie I highly recommend giving Suss Cookies a try!

Miss Libby’s adorable custom plate and placemat are from our favorite Dylbug ! We love all their place settings for making eating time fun!


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