Coloring (& glittering) Easter Eggs!

I love Easter and I love coloring eggs, I have always loved it and now am so excited to be sharing it with Noah! This year we decided to try and do a couple different things other than the regular egg dye. I went browsing around on pinterest for some fun ideas and then we made them our own.

First we used Kool Aid to dye some eggs. This was fun, very fruity smelling and dyed your hands and everything else you touched along with the eggs. We go some pretty colors but only in red, orange & yellow tones which was just not enough color for me. To dye your own eggs with Kool Aid simply add 2/3 cup of water to 2- packets of Kool Aid and stir.

Then we tried some rubber bands around the eggs. This was very cool, I wish we had more different size rubber bands because I think that would have worked well. We just used the regular tablet dye for these and wrapped the rubber bands tightly around the egg, then set them in the dye until they turn pretty colors. Remove your egg from the dye and let dry completely before removing the rubber band. We will definitely be doing lots more of these next year it was so fun to see what patterns came out after removing the rubber band.

I even did a little egg glittering, these are my favorites! I used Martha Stewart Glitter Glue & Glitter. For the solid eggs I covered the eggs entirely with glue and then sprinkled the glitter on. For the polka dot eggs I painted little glue circles on the eggs and then just sprinkled them with the glitter that way it only stuck to the dots of glue. These were very easy to make and I love how they turned out!

I hope that you all have fun decorating your eggs this Easter and would love to hear if you try out anything new and fun!

Pin this idea for later!

Pin this idea for later!

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