Check Out Our New Omlet Chicken Coop!

We are so excited over here to have gotten the new Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Runs! The coop can hold up to 10 bantams or 8 medium sized hens, or 6 large breed hens! It comes with an innovative, dishwasher-proof feeder and drinker in the matching Eglu color you choose! Ours also came with these handy feeders that are perfect for your chickens’ favorite snacks! Our favorite part of this coop is the secure run! It’s made from heavy duty steel weld mesh with a unique anti-tunnel skirt to prevent digging. The small mesh pitch along the lower panels stops raccoon paws without needing hardware cloth! The two-step push and twist door locks stop nifty fingers opening the coop.

If you followed along on my Live Sweet stories a few months ago we had a mink that was terrorizing our farm for 5 months! Finally, after 5 months we were able to capture the mink and it wasn’t without heartache. Sadly, during those 5 months we lost almost all of our chicken, I mean probably 30 or more chickens. We were putting them in places we thought were secure, but somehow this mink would manage its way in! To say we were relieved once we cause this thing is an understatement! Knowing how secure this new Omlet coop is, put my mind at ease knowing that predators won’t be able to get in and our chickens will be safe!

Made from a heavy duty steel welded mesh with an unique anti-tunnel skirt. This makes it so animals can’t dig under the coop and the smaller mesh hole don’t allow predators to stick their hands in. I love the anti-tunnel skirting because our pigs love to push under things to get to food and this coop is pig proof!

Who doesn’t love something that is easy to clean? Chicken coops can be such a pain to clean and to keep clean, but Omlet coop has many advantages!

  1. Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces
  2. Clean with just a pet-safe disinfectant and your garden hose
  3. Pressure wash and dries quickly
  4. Slide out droppings tray – just empty into your compost bin
  5. Removable parts for easy cleaning
  6. Move to a fresh patch of grass with the smooth wheels.

Interested in getting an Eglu Cube chicken coop yourself head to the link! Comes in purple or green, different accessories, and a 10-year warranty! Omlet has lots of different items on their website so be sure to check them out! We love our new chicken coop, and you will too!

If you plan on hatching chicks soon or buying them from a store make sure to check out our article all on the basics of chick care!

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