Bubblegum Necklaces

When I saw this necklace I was so excited..I wanted to make one right away! I’m sure your little girl would love one of these this Valentine’s Day!

You need some ribbon and gumballs (I found my gumballs at Wegman’s)

1. Using a metal skewer, pierce one side of the gumball. Hold the top of the gumball steady as you guide the skewer (see photo). This will prevent the skewer from slipping off the slick surface of the gumball.

2. Flip the gumball over and pierce another hole directly opposite to the first hole. If you try to poke a hole straight through both sides at once, the gumball will crack.

3. The hardest part is stringing the ribbon. Use a large needle to thread the ribbon through the gumballs. Thinner ribbon is easier to string. Tie a knot between each gumball as you string it.

We found this adorable idea from One Charming Party’s blog

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