Mini Boden Sock Hobby Moose

I am loving Mini Boden’s new Winter Cosy Socks, perfect for this chilly weather we are getting into now! As much as Noah and I love to wear our cozy socks around the house I am always looking for fun ways to use our favorite things in a good kid friendly craft project. After designing sweet hobby horses for Noah’s birthday party last month I thought why not try out a sock hobby moose to match Noah’s new Moose Mini Boden shirt, I just love Mini Boden’s line of big graphic tees they are so fun and funky and just perfect for my little man!

This is a very fun DIY that only requires a few supplies that you can find around the house. Supplies needed are yarn, ribbon, buttons, felt, stuffing, large dowel, sticks for antlers and one of your favorite colored Mini Boden Winter Cosy Socks. Start by cutting felt shaped ears, tie your yarn and cut ends to create hair, hot glue small buttons onto large buttons for eyes and stuff your sock. Once you get all of your supplies together simply hot glue them all onto your stuffed sock to create the look you want for your Moose. When finished insert dowel and tie sock tightly at bottom to secure.

Noah had a ball playing with his sock hobby Moose out in the yard and I am loving how cute he looks in his new Big Applique Mini Boden Moose shirt! I hope that you get to try and make one of these for your little ones, it is such a great way for them to use their imaginations and a special and unique homemade gift!


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  • SenecaOh my goodness!! This is adorable! Noah looks like he loves his Moose!!