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I was never a matcha fan from any drink place. Recently I bought two different matcha powders to try and I learned when you add other flavors to it, it takes on a whole new taste! I quickly fell in love with this and just had to make something fun with it! We just recently tried out this blended strawberry matcha and it just adds this yummy whole other taste to it! We do have another matcha recipe up on the blog that you can find here.

Matcha is a great option if you want some caffeine but not too much! I don’t really like caffeine it makes me feel jittery, but sometimes in the morning I like a little to wake me up! Matcha has 1/3 of the amount of caffeine a cup of coffee does! This is a great alternative to give you some but not too much! Matcha does take on a lot of flavor of what else you add to it. You can add the vanilla flavoring too this to give it a little more sweetness if you like!

In this recipe I used whole milk, but the friend who shared this recipe with me actually uses coconut milk. I have yet to try it yet with the coconut milk, but I plan to real soon! The best way to taste this is to blend everything together. I separated the matcha and strawberry to make it look pretty for pictures but I suggest blending it all together. This drink is super refreshing and remind me of a smoothie with some matcha it in!

The Vanilla cappuccino is what I used to sweeten this! I use that to sweeten most things because it is so delicious! The strawberries, matcha powder, and milk are just so delicious together.

You can always adjust the recipes, add more strawberries or less, or add matcha or less! Adjust it to your liking! If you don’t have frozen strawberries I suggest add ice to your fresh strawberries when you blend it so you get that thick consistency!

I am trying to share recipes with you that use a lot of the same powders. That way if you decide to purchase the powders or mixes I’ve been talking about you have more than one recipe to make! This recipe is great because you can use the matcha in a different recipe I have on the blog as well as the vanilla cappuccino!

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I hope you all love this blended strawberry matcha drink and try this recipe! Make sure to let us know if you make it! Tag us on Instagram @livesweet and #livesweetrecipes so we can see what you made!

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