Baby Lamb, So cute! (as Noah says)

So is it obvious yet that I have a thing for baby farm animals! I apologize if it is getting to be a little excessive here but I just can’t help myself. I am loving the sweet little babies that Spring has brought us, including this baby lamb!

mama and baby lamb

Yesterday we headed over to our good friend Denise’s, not only is she a sweet friend of ours but she is also our wonderful frame artist here at UI and this is her little farm where she creates all of your and my beautiful frames! Isn’t it picturesque! She has a handful of furry sheep and one of them just had her first baby so Noah and I had to go for a visit. This little cutie wanted to stay close to her mommy so even after we were holding her you can see mommy stayed quite close by.

noah and the baby lamb

Noah loved baby lamb but was not to sure what to think about mommy in his face but it sure made for some cute pictures! After spending a little time with the sheep, Noah played with Denise’s dog Annie for awhile and climbed on the stone walls throwing sticks and getting dirty. It was a perfect little visit, thanks for sharing your lamb cuteness with us Denise!

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  • RobinOh my! How cute and sooo much fun I’m sure!!!!