Baby Kitty

Baby Kitty

Miss Libby loves to carry all of her animal babies around as if they were real babies! We always make sure our animals are held and cared for safe and gently and they become so so friendly with all the handling they get from the kids. It cracked me up the other day when she had Mr.Liam Moon in her little doll car seat! So much joy, so many memories, so much sweetness. My favorite days are those spent home with them all day when they can play and imagine with their dolls and toys and fuzzy critters. When I can bake homemade cookies and make fresh squeezed lemonade and we can stay in our pajamas. That’s my perfect life right there and I feel so blessed to get to live it!

Baby KittyBaby Kitty

I want to start a little series on the blog on animal care and training and would love to know what kinds of things you’d like me to  discuss so please leave your questions below and I’ll do my best to answer them!!

Baby KittyBaby Kittyy

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