Announcing Sweet Creations!!

Sweet Creations

Discovering the Artists behind handmade.

We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new series here on Live Sweet Blog called “Sweet Creations; Discovering the Artists behind Handmade!” This project is one I have been planning for and working on for quite sometime and I am so excited to see it finally come together!! As most of you know I am a lover of handmade! I will always choose to give a handmade gift or decorate my home with something handmade when I have the chance. Handmade is just so special and personal and helps individual people grow their small businesses. I have always loved to encourage others to purchase handmade as well and to help support amazing artists reach their dreams!

I handpicked each artist for this series by spending lots and lots of time searching online for exceptionally wonderful creations. Then I came up with a fun set of questions that I will ask each artist. As I share their answers you can get to know the people behind their fabulous creations. I am photographing each of the items I receive so that I can present them to you here Live Sweet style!

My hope with this series is to help promote and encourage these fabulous small businesses and their artists and to encourage creative living. I feel that we all have a creative side to us, we just need inspiration to bring it out and help us see what we are passionate about.

I hope that you will all enjoy reading about our featured artists each week. Please take a little time to head to their shops and look at their work. Maybe you will find the perfect fit for you or someone you know!

Love, Live Sweet


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  • SenecaCan’t wait to see!!!

  • IngridI agree with Seneca! I can’t wait!