All Things Pastel for your Fall and Halloween Season

If you know me, you know I like all things pastel. That is no different when it comes to decorating for Halloween. We even made some adorable pastel pumpkins and other pastel goodies right in our Live Sweet shop! I’ll be sharing here all the cutest pastel decor I found and some pictures of how we decorate. I definitely think pastel colors are becoming a more popular thing during spooky season, I’ve been seeing more and more each year.

Want something to do with the whole family this Halloween season? Painting pumpkins is a great way to get everyone in on the decorating fun! As a family we went and picked pumpkins that we grew, going to your local pumpkin patch is just as fun. We all chose a few pumpkins to paint. I got spray paint and also non-toxic finger paint to use.

After painting the pumpkins, we let them set for at least 24 hours to make sure all the paint is dry. You can either put a clear coat on them that way the paint stays on them if it rains or just keep them under a roof. They make the cutest decorations and really make your doorway pop!

Every year in the shop we always launch something fun for Halloween! A few years ago, we did these adorable stuffed cats that were such a hit. We also made these pumpkins that are stackable! They come in adorable sets, and you can either stack them or lay them out by themselves around the house. They make the perfect decor and come in different colors! You can find them in our shop here!

You can’t decorate for Halloween without having some yummy snacks! We made these adorable boo pops and snack mix that are perfect for a Halloween party! Here is some more inspiration to go along with painting pumpkins.

Here are some more fun ideas to add some pastel to your Halloween this year!

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