A healthy snack bin

With sweet little Libby in the house I have not had quite as much time to wait on Noah hand and foot! Noah and I are both snackers and if we don’t have something healthy in front of us we tend to eat unhealthy snacks and if I sent Noah to the fridge without a plan things often end up quite messy so I had to come up with a snack plan! I saw something similar to this on the wonderful Pinterest and decided to try it out and it has worked wonderfully! I picked healthy snacks that I was happy for Noah to eat anytime he was hungry or just bored so that I wasn’t having to feel like a bad mom when I couldn’t jump up and make him a healthy snack. He loves it because it gives him independence to choose his own snack and it gives me more time to cuddle sweet Libby!

I usually try and stock Noah’s box of snacks about once every two weeks. When I hit the grocery store I stock up on his favorites and then fill up his box. I put things that come in larger containers in little snack bags that are easy for him to open and eat from himself.

Noah’s box is filled with the following: yogurt, cheese sticks, pepperoni, grapes, baby carrots, rasberries, drink yogurt and squeeze yogurt.  We are always open to suggestions for new ideas so if your children have any favorite healthy snacks we would love to hear about them.


I really need to get back to healthier eating myself too so I hope to be sharing a few healthy snack recipes here soon!

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