A girl and her bun bun!

Every time I ask her if she wants to play in the studio or read a book she says “Can we get the bunny out?” She just loves watching her hop around and petting her every time she passes by.

I know it may be hard for some of you to believe but Miss Libby can have a very sassy and naughty side to her! She is very strong willed which is one of her best traits but it also can get her into lots of trouble when she’s over tired or not feeling the greatest. She currently has a cold and hasn’t been sleeping the best so we now have two strikes against us. Today was a little tough as she just kept doing everything that she knew she wasn’t supposed to do. You can only clean up pee and hair moisturizer off of everything so many times before you start going a little crazy! It’s a very good thing she’s so cute! One thing that almost always helps her to get out of her funk and back on track to better behavior though is some time with her critters. I try to either get her outside with the goats and Pearl for a walk or bring the bunny out for some quite inside time or let her follow Pearl all around the house. There is just something about the animals that helps calm her a bit. It’s still like crazy town here nearly twenty four, seven but I’m so thankful for these moments of joy and incredible cuteness that keep me going on the “I’m going to act like a toddler all day today” days!



Macaron Sweatshirt by: Kira Kids , Hair Bow and Bunny Bow by: A Little Lady Shop , Unicorn Pillow by: Handmade Heart Shop

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