A fun trip to the beach!

At the end of June we took an awesome family trip to the beach! We went with my parents and several friends and stayed in a house on the bay in Cape May for the week. We all had a blast and it was so nice spending time resting, playing, snuggling, eating and hanging out on the beach!

The kids both loved playing in the sand and the water and the weather could not have been more perfect. It was unseasonably warm and only rained at night so we got to spend everyday out and about enjoying the beautiful weather!

I loved getting up each morning and heading to the near by bakery for bagels and tasty treats, bakeries and the beach just go and hand in hand for me and make me a happy girl. I also loved the lazy afternoons of resting and hanging out or hitting the local shops with the girls. We found an amazing Taco place, I think it was called Key West tacos, that we ate at three times! The tacos were delicious!

I can’t get over how adorable Libby looked in all of her bathing suits, I had way to much fun dressing her on this trip! She was such a trooper and tagged along happily to everything we were doing, I was so proud of her for being such a good little traveler!


The giant swan was a last minute buy before the trip and was well worth it! It was a huge hit for everyone and I even got in it and hung out in the water for awhile! Here is my dad floating around in the bay in it! I can’t wait to get it blown up again for the kids to play on in the lake.


Playing at the beach and in the sand brings back so many wonderful childhood memories for me. We grew up going to the beach as a family and I was so happy to get to start creating the same sweet memories with my babies. Noah has decided he would like to just live at the beach and be on vacation all the time! (Wouldn’t we all Noah, wouldn’t we all!)


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