A Dinosaur Quilt For Noah

I got a sewing machine for Christmas and have been so excited to have some time to sew in the last few weeks. I have never been a big sewer, my mother sews and my grandmother sewed, I always liked the idea of sewing and would try a project every now and then but I could never really get into it. Since finding out that we would be having a little girl I have become totally into sewing. I guess it was just the inspiration I needed. I have been making burp clothes, bibs & blankies. Nothing to complicated but I have been loving using wonderful fabrics to create special little things for our new little one. When we went to one of our favorite little fabric shops last week I found this adorable dinosaur fabric and I couldn’t resist getting it to make a little quilt for Noah. Noah has been loving all of the soft blankies I have been making for the baby so he was so excited to hear that I was going to make him his own soft blankie! I had so much fun making it for him and I love how much he loves it, I put some very soft fabric on the back so it would be nice and snuggly for him!

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