A cozy little corner

I have been starting to collect & make some pretties for our little sweetheart in anticipation and excitement of her arrival.We are still in the unknown waiting time but I couldn’t keep putting the things I was gathering for her away in a drawer any longer. Even though I don’t know the date she will be in my arms she is already filling up my heart and I want to be surrounded by daily reminders of her. I am a planner, when I was pregnant with Noah I had his nursery together and decorated with clothes washed and folded long before his due date. Mind you he never did end up sleeping in his crib because I couldn’t let him out of my sight or my arms but it was a sweet place for all of his things and a reminder for me through my rough pregnancy of the light at the end of the tunnel and the sweet boy who would be in my arms soon! I wanted to have that for our little girl too, we don’t have room in this house to set up a nursery since the studio and my office are here while we wait for the new house and studio to be built so I had to come up with a makeshift space. I decided since my office is one of the biggest rooms in the house, a place where I spend a lot of time and right next to our bedroom I would set up a little area in there for her. It is only a small corner of the room but to me it is perfect. I put a few plush that I got her, some blankies and a few knick knacks I picked up for her nursery. It is a very girly sweet space and I am so happy I made it. Noah loves to sit in the chair and hold his baby sisters doll while he watches movies on the IPad. It is not getting any easier to wait but it is helpful to be surrounded by things that my little sweetheart will someday hold and cuddle while we are waiting.

I just had to share this, while I am writing this my sweet little man fell asleep next to me, he will be 4 on Sunday, 4 I can’t even believe it. He is a stinker at times and all boy full of energy but has such a sweet, kind & loving heart. He was at his Gigi and Papa’s tonight and just “wanted to spend a little time with me” as he says it before he went to sleep but he was so tired that he couldn’t keep his eyes open and I couldn’t bring myself to putting him in bed because I wanted to cuddle him while he slept, I love nights like these!

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