Lucy the Lop

I’m sure most of you have seen our sweet girl Lucy over on our IG page @livesweetphotography but I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite pictures of her here! She is such a sweet little thing and so fun to photograph! For those of you who have been wondering what breed she is, Lucy is a holland lop. She probably weighs around 4lbs. Bunnies take a moderate amount of care, similar to a cat. Lucy is litter box trained when she is in her cage but occasionally has accidents when she’s out hopping around. We try to let her loose in the house to play several times a week for an hour or so at a time. This helps keep her friendly and active. She loves to run all over the house and explore and Libby loves watching her hop from place to place. We always make sure we watch her though so that she doesn’t get into any cords or anything else that could harm her. I also try and pick her up and hold her throughout the time she’s out playing so that she stays used to cuddles and being held. Libby loves to hold her too and I usually put her in a blanket on Libby’s lap in case Lucy tries to jump away then she doesn’t accidentally scratch Libby.

I am thinking about starting a series on how we care for our animals here and on our IG. We love all of our fuzzy critters so much but they require lots of love and care and we want to help show others the time it takes to invest in all of the animals so that people make wise choices when choosing new pets. Let me know below if you have any specific animal care questions for us and we will try and answer as many of them as we can!


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  • KaitlynHi, Lucy is precious! I have a Holland lop named Dandi who looks a lot like Lucy. I’d love if you had posts about caring for your pets. Two things: 1, I find that no matter how much affection she shows my husband and I, its always a struggle to try to get her out of the hutch. Once we take her out she’s fine and has a good time, but she seems nervous to get picked up, and we don’t want to scare her so we usually have to just wait until she’s in her litter box, and then we take the whole box out. Any suggestions? And 2, how do you keep your house so clean? We only have her and I feel like I’m constantly sweeping hay that gets pushed out or falls out when we keep her hutch doors open.