The rules: Once a day, vote by leaving a comment under your favorite portrait. Send anyone and everyone  over to the UI blog to vote for your favorite portraits as well. Go back and vote everyday for the same portrait or portraits if you have not changed your mind. Stop by daily and leave a comment. The portrait with the most votes in one week will be the winner!

To vote you must leave a comment under the post of your favorite portraits. Each comment left will count as one vote and which ever portrait has the most votes by January 23rd wins! 

So what will the winner receive for convincing all of their friends and family to vote, vote, vote you ask? Well most of you know how much I love Boden and that I have gotten to do quite a few fun posts for them in the last year so I decided it would be fun to give a $50 gift card for Boden to the winner this year, so that you can have some fun shopping for a little Boden too! You will also receive a $50 Unforgettable Impressions gift card and a UI goodie bag with some of my favorite little treats!

We will also have fun little goodie bags for our 2nd and 3rd place winners filled with lots of UI’s favorite treats and a $25 gift card to UI too!

So what are you waiting for, get voting and ask all of your family and friends to do the same, we can’t wait to hear what you all have to say. The race is on!

Love UI

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  • MindyI love this picture! We had so much fun that day 🙂

  • JenWhat a cutie!!!!

  • MattNice bowtie.

  • KellySooo precious!

  • Chani rayWhat a cutie pie!

  • Jessica LaubLOVES IT!!!

  • Pa PaTractor…

  • DanielleLove those striking blue eyes!

  • Maryannsooo cute!!

  • GianninaCutest baby EVER!

  • JessicaSoo adorable!!

  • PattiLooking good!

  • lizI wanna pinch those cheeks!!

  • MindyLove it!

  • MattHandsome

  • Pa PaFuture Hotie!

  • lizStill cute!!

  • PattiGreen tractor

  • MindyI can’t believe how much he has grown since then!

  • MattHot fry!

  • lizHot fry?? Haha. Bowtie 🙂

  • PattiStill looking good

  • JacksonI look good!!

  • MindyLove those eyes!

  • lizCold fry

  • lizHey handsome boy 🙂

  • MindyI can’t believe that was almost a year ago…