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Whew! Easter is officially a wrap guys! And you all know what that means right? It’s time for us to move full steam ahead towards the launch of our newest project—the Live Sweet Lounge!

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been a bit distracted with our fuzzy little bundles of baby bunnies while also in full on nesting mode awaiting baby #4’s arrival in June! Can anyone tell how excited I am?

SO if this is your first time hearing about the lounge, be sure to check our post from a few weeks back to get up to speed, or continue to read on!

Like I mentioned before, the idea for the Live Sweet Lounge came to me while desiring a space within our social media community where people could come together and share in the joy, whimsy, fun, and spontaneity that makes life so sweet and worth celebrating.

From this desire came the motivation to make this idea a virtual reality— a joyful and whimsical place for all our fans to connect, learn, be inspired, and celebrate life with our family on a frequent and more intimate level!

So mark your calendars everyone, the Live Sweet Lounge will make its OFFICIAL DEBUT on Sunday, April 22nd, and I wanted to personally invite all of you to live joyfully in the present with us by being part of this private community that we are hard at work creating!

I’m sure you have lots of questions for us so first, let’s talk a bit more about the private aspect of this community. We’ve decided the best way to create a safe space to interact with our fans more frequently and intimately is by means of a closed Facebook Group that will be subscription based for the monthly rate of $9.95! What this means is that access to this group will be restricted from the public and solely available to Lounge subscribers!

What’s in it for subscribers and what perks come with a membership to the Live Sweet Lounge? I’m glad you asked!

If you’ve ever read our blog, watched one of our vlogs, or stalked all the cute on our Instagram feeds and wished for more, you’re not alone! We’ve had an overwhelming amount of requests for more behind the scenes content of our home, our family and life on the farm with the animals. SO we’ve decided that the Lounge will be strictly dedicated to offering all of the fun and exclusive content that won’t be shared or available anywhere else! We will be posting content DAILY that will be inclusive of Family Live Events, DIY projects, home deco inspiration, arts & crafts with the kids, fun and healthy recipes, family and life balance tips with Phil and I, story time with the kids, pet care with the animals, exclusive first looks at all Live Sweet Shop product before our big launches and lots more! In addition, we have a great lineup of contributors that have partnered with us to create fun, fresh, and inspiring content for the Lounge on a variety of topics and I am bursting with excitement to introduce them to you!

We’re still set on wanting to keep some details under wraps, but we promise to be sharing more over the next few weeks prior to launch!

I can hardly wait for you all to see the fun we have in store so be sure to keep your eye on our Instagram Feed and Stories to be the first to know more!! Stay tuned!



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