Teeny kitty update

Our kitty babies are two weeks old now and I feel like they are finally stable! It has been an exhausting two weeks but these sweet little faces make it all worth it. Fostering kittens is a lot more work then I expected, they are so helpless and fragile and need round the clock care.

The first one open it’s eyes on my birthday which was so fun and exciting and the other two have opened their eyes since then, they are sleeping longer through the night so now I only have to get up with them once a night and they all seem to be eating well and growing so fast. We let them out for kitten playtime a few times a day and give them lots of cuddles.

It feels like they’ve doubled in size and they look so different and even cuter with their eyes open! I’m looking forward to the coming weeks watching their little personalities start to show and getting lots of fluffy snuggles!




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