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Welcome to the live sweet lounge!! I have been dreaming about this beautiful online community for so long and am so excited to finally get to be sharing it with you!! First I want to say a huge thank you for taking this leap and signing up to be part of our lounge, I know how precious your time is and the fact that you are choosing to spend some of it with me makes me all sorts of giddy inside so thank you a million times!

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We have so many amazing things planned for this space, I can’t even tell you how great it’s going to be so get ready to have fun, be inspired, create meaningful relationships and laugh a lot!!

We will be adding content here weekly, in our Facebook group daily, and will be sending you a biweekly newsletter as well, but before we get started we wanted to share some fun Live Sweet facts with you below!!

More about Us

Here on the Live Sweet homestead we have over 65 pets and counting!! That includes the flock of chickens though so we aren’t that crazy yet!

Lindsey and Fil met in high school when they were just fourteen and fifteen, they were both dating other people but always had a crush on each other. They later reconnected at ages 18 and 19, got engaged a year and a half later and married a year and a half after that. That means they’ve known each other for more then half of their life!!

A few years ago Lindsey had a dream to provide a few part time jobs for local women so that others could enjoy staying home and raising their children while also helping provide for their families as she did. She wasn’t sure how she was going to do this but knew that it was something so important to her. Since then she’s started two businesses and provides jobs for over ten women and isn’t done yet!

Lindsey’s photography work and stories of their family have been featured in the Huffington Post, on the Ellen Show, in Country Living magazine, on the cover of Where Women Create Business, on Good Morning America and more!

About our Family

Noah is 9 and his favorite things to do are play outside, bake chocolate chip cookies, play beyblades and watch dude perfect.

Libby is 5 and she loves to play dollies most of all, she has an amazing imagination, she loves playing dress up and hanging out with all her fuzzy friends.

Finn is 2 and he loves being outside more than anything, he loves playing with Noah and Libby and swinging on the swing in the studio.

Fil and Lindsey have such a passion for adoption and they are so excited to welcome baby number four through adoption this summer! They are matched with a birth mom from Florida who is due with a baby girl on June 16th. The whole Live Sweet family will be traveling to and staying in Florida for several weeks while they adopt their precious girl this summer and they can’t wait to share more of the adoption process here in the lounge with you!

I hope you had fun getting to know a little more about us and we have lots more to share coming up soon! This page is where we will be storing all of our content, so if you see a recipe, diy or adoption story over in our Facebook group and want to find it more easily down the road head here to find it! Make sure to write down your user name and password so you can easily access all of the content here!

Xo Lindsey