Valentine’s Day Cookie Truffles!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and around this time of year, we are always looking for the sweetest pastel treats! This may be one of the easiest cookie truffles recipe to make but they are still so delicious!

You will need:

13 oz package of frosted animal cookies

8 oz package of cream cheese

white melting chocolate

fun sprinkles

To start, grab a bag of Frosted Animal Cookies. These are the ones I found at our local grocery store but you could also use the classic Circus Animal Cookies.

Animal cookies for the Valentines Day Cookie Truffles Recipe

The first step is to evenly crush the cookies! I did this using a freezer bag and a rolling/pizza ball. You could also use a food processor!

Next, mix the cookies and one package of cream cheese in a blender. Then, roll a spoonful of batter into a ball and place it on a lined pan. Put them in the freezer for 20 minutes.

While the cookies are in the freezer, melt chocolate so it’s ready when the cookie truffles are! I dipped them in the chocolate and then added drizzle to some and sprinkles to the others. Have fun with it! They are your design, and you can do any combo you’d like!

Top down view of the cookie truffles

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Valentine's Day Cookie Truffles Recipe by Live Sweet
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